Choose from the following options to give your business all the advantages of experienced, reliable and efficient administrative cover at the level you need.  

None of the ties or contractual commitment of an employee.  No pension provision or holiday payments to take into account.  I provide my own office, desk and computer and take tea breaks on my own time.  

You just choose the type of cover you need on a month by month, or even week by week, basis and can increase it during busy times if needed.

Pay by the Hour

Retain my time. Paid for in advance, hours are reserved just for your business so you can be sure the support is available when you need it.  Clients reserving hours are always prioritised.

Ad hoc support. If you don’t need regular support then just book hours when required.  

A deposit of 50% may be requested before work is commenced for new clients


Project and Process Support

Bring in an experienced pair of hands to help keep a project on track and relieve in-house staff trying to manage both a project and their day job.  I can provide anything from advice and assistance, to data collection and compilation, reporting, stakeholder management and general administrative services.

Having run many process improvement projects throughout my career I am ideally placed to evaluate and document departmental processes.  Working with your team I will provide an overview of the current situation, highlight areas of concern and put forward suggestions for improvements, both short and long term.  I can then hand over to you and your team or continue to work with you to implement.


Excel Training

Solutions designed and delivered to meet the needs of your business.  I don’t believe in vanilla, out of the box training which, at best, you will take 20% of and use.  Instead, I design bespoke 121 training with course notes.  

Available for both beginner and more experienced levels.  I can also provide ongoing support.

All Excel training and support options are payable in advance.


121 Bespoke Designed Training – from £150

Monthly Excel support package – from £75/mth

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